"If only creating a home were as simple as creating a homepage! This is the Place beautifully and poignantly explores the many complicated feelings that the concept of home evokes in all of us. A must read for any modern woman, wife, daughter, or mother.” 

Randi Zuckerberg, bestselling author of Dot Complicated 

 Illustration by Laura Carlin

The word “home” never means just one thing. It can be a place that is safe, sentimental, difficult, nourishing, war-torn, political, or long-lost. It can feel like a safe haven, a trap, or both.

In This Is The Place: Women Writing About Home, edited by Margot Kahn and Kelly McMasters, women explore the concept of home, and the ways it makes, breaks, and shapes us. With voices from diverse backgrounds, this collection of thirty essays connects to issues that are at the forefront of our conversations and our culture, such as immigration, gender equality, sexual and family violence, homelessness, the environment, and poverty.
What makes a home? What do equality, safety, and politics have to do with it? And why is it so important to us to feel like we belong? 



Writers Included: Akiko Busch, Amanda Petrusich, Catina Bacote, Claudia Castro Luna, Dani Shapiro, Danielle Geller, Debra Gwartney, Desiree Cooper, Elisabeth Eaves, Elissa Washuta, Hasanthika Sirisena, Jane Wong, Jennifer De Leon, Jennifer Finney Boylan, KaiLea Wallin, Kate Lebo, Kelly McMasters, Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum, Leigh Newman, Lina Maria Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas, Margot Kahn, Maya Jewell Zeller, Miranda Weiss, Naima Coster, Naomi Jackson, Sarah Viren, Sonya Chung, Pam Houston, Tara Conklin, and Terry Tempest Williams